We deliver to all parts of Melbourne everyday of the week  a delivery fee applies to all deliveries please enquire. Fees increase on Saturdays and increase more on Sundays. Deliveries before 9.00am and after 5pm will be charged a surcharge.  Once a delivery is accepted we take no responsibility for it.  A contact person must be available to call for our driver on route. Though every effort will be made to deliver on time  we do not guarantee delivery times booked and will not refund if delivery is late. If we need to pay for parking when delivering the parking fee will be charged to the client.



All orders and bookings require a 50% deposit and the balance paid on the week of the function. Deposit are non-refundable one month prior to the function, however, you may use “store credit” to redeem the value of the deposit. If the function is cancelled less than two weeks prior to the booking no store credit will be given. We encourage EFT or cash payments as surcharge of 2.0% will apply to all credit card charges over $100.00. All efforts will be made to ensure that you receive your  correct food order, however, we may change it to equal or greater value with other items without notice due to unforseen circumstances.  


Our staff do not bring food packages with them you must pick it up from the shop prior or arrange delivery. Staff are contracted for three hours in total they only cook and serve food purchased from our shop unless discussed and agreed to prior to booking. If you require staff to serve for a longer period a fee of $50 per hour will apply please enquire. Our staff are paid $90.00 cash on the night and at the beginning of the function by our customer. Staff may arrive later than the booked time due to traffic or unforseen circumstances no refund will apply. A contact person must be available to call for our staff when they are on route to the customers venue. Our staff can cater for up to 55 guest if you have more guest and choose not to hire a second staff member we will require someone to assist our staff member for a minimum of two hours.


When we deliver balloons we no longer take responsibility of it once it is received by another party. Balloons should be taken out of balloon bags once delivered so they do not sweat and decrease in size. Further, we advise inhaling helium can result in asphyxia ( death) or sickness do not allow this.

Orders may be cancelled if we cannot source helium, electricity or transport failure. Full refunds will be given if this occurs. In the course of delivery balloons may burst we may not be able to replace it due to stock or time, however, a full refund will apply. When delivering a contact person must be available by phone in case of any delivery issues on route otherwise balloons will be returned to our shop with no refund given. In hot weather balloons will decrease quicker balloons must be stored in a cool area. Helium only lasts 12 hours for optimum use please be aware when ordering. Balloons are delivered in large balloon bags a fee of $1.50 per bag will apply if customer wishes to keep the bags on delivery.